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Martina Janzen mit Bildern von Willibrord Haas

About the gallery

Martina Janzen

© Michael Utz

Established 1994 by Martina Janzen;
expert for post-1945 art.

Procurement of contemporary art
painting, paper works and sculpture, post-1945 art, focussing on Art Informel and Abstraction.

Temporary solo exhibitions of young and established artists from the inland and abroad.

Participation in international art fairs.

Consulting, planning and assistance of artistic interior und aoutdoor areas;
Art Consulting.

Exhibition and collection concepts.


Bilker Strasse/Carlsplatz | Düsseldorf

Bilker Strasse 1 | 40213 DüsseldorfOur exhibition space in Düsseldorf is located at the edge of the old town in the historical Carlstadt. Here we show art after `45 with the focus on Art Informel and Abstraction as well as works of artists of the gallery within changing solo exhibitions.

To see the route plan and the map of the area please clickhere.

»On Location«

Ausstellung im Löwenpalais | BerlinAusstellung in den ehemaligen Räumen der Galerie Epikur | WuppertalBy this term we describe external events and exhibitions at home and abroad which are curated by us. We present artists of the gallery on attractive venues outside our own exhibition space or in the premises of our customers.

For more detailed information and consulting on this subject, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Opening hours

We recommend to call for an appointment.

Ansicht der Galerie

Ansicht der Galerie

Detailansicht der Galerie

Ansicht der Galerie/Düsseldorf

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