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Occupation and handling with art is appreciated increasingly; it is often part of an individual lifestyle and one´s own culture. As an art lover you want to build a collection and invest in arts, either value adding or venuresome?
We support you with that and help to find orientation and to get an overview of the market action.

You are in possession of an artwork whose value is unknown to you? You own a collection or a heritance you want to part with?
Ask us and we will assess the value to the best of our knowledge. In case we would be at a loss, we have competent partners who can help both of us.

Even works of art subject an aging process and carry the marks of time and life. We give your artwork a close inspection and take care for its professional restoration.

From the simple wood border made of solid timber up to an individual made artists workshop-frame:
Carefully and convenient selected, it brings an artwork to its full advantage and protects best possible against environmental influences.

We offer you a complete around-image-service:

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