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Reinhard Voss (Ausschnitt)

Reinhard Voss

Reinhard Voss builds countenances: relief-like faces and heads of outstanding grace and presence. To create most different shapes of heads and faces, the artist collects fragments of wood with varying structure and grain, then joins them together. Using Indian ink and acrylic paint, he puts signs and stigmata on the surface, a process similar to tattoing. By the haptic and visual appeal of the object´s surface the strong expression of his portraits is even increased, nevertheless they innate calm, concentration and intensity: skin as surface and sensual membrane. A hidden interior, a content always renewed and individually to explore; familiarness and foreignness, identity and individual: Those are the issues Reinhard Voss tries to resolve by his art.

Reinhard Voss, born in Rendsburg/Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, studied sculpture at the academy of fine arts in Karlruhe in the classes of Prof. Hiromi Akiyama and Prof. Stephan Balkenhol. The works of Stephan Balkenhol´s master student soon attracted great attention. Working freelance since 2000, Reinhard Voss‘ portraits are shown in widely noticed exhibitions both at home and abroad. The artist lives and works in Karlsruhe.

Reinhard Voss: hauptrolle Reinhard Voss: kobalt Reinhard Voss: public viewing Reinhard Voss: sur le cou de pied Reinhard Voss: himmelskunde Reinhard Voss: gib mir ein zeichen Reinhard Voss: triangel Reinhard Voss: flugkörper Reinhard Voss: the choice is yours Reinhard Voss: zur muttersprache Reinhard Voss: glas Reinhard Voss: cabeceo Reinhard Voss: rosenart Reinhard Voss: o.T. Reinhard Voss: o.T. Reinhard Voss: composition Reinhard Voss: droit d'auteur Reinhard Voss:kurzer sommer (rotes quadrat) Reinhard Voss: Oh lord it is mine Reinhard Voss: So far Reinhard Voss: vent de face Reinhard Voss: grüner Reinhard Voss: amarillo Reinhard Voss: maximise the audience


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Exhibitions of the
JANZEN Gallery


born in Rendsburg/Schleswig-Holstein

1979 – 1982

Werkkunstschule Flensburg


Fachhochschule Ottersberg/Bremen, study of arttherapy

1993 – 1998

study of sculpture at the academy of fine arts, Karlsruhe
in the classes of
Prof. Hiromi Akiyama and
Prof. Stephan Balkenhol




scolarship for graduates of Baden-Württemberg

since 2000


Exhibitions (Selected)


JANZEN Gallery, Bayreuth

Limlip art museum, Gongju, Korea

KIAF Seoul / Korea


»Persona – unter der Haut«, JANZEN Gallery, Düsseldorf

Salon der Gegenwart, Hamburg

KIAF, Seoul, Galerie artpark

Galerie Quai Est, Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris

Nexus Kunstcenter, Tinglev, DK

»Objekte«, Galerie Eulenspiegel, Basel

Galerie Radicke, Bonn

Duru Artspace, Seoul

Art Karlsruhe, One-Artist-Show


International Foundation, Kyoto

Chic Artfair, Galerie Quai Est, Paris

AKM, Haus Metternich, Koblenz

KIAF, Seoul, Galerie artpark

»Subjekte«, Galerie Kontrapost, Leipzig

Art Karlsruhe, One-Artist-Show


ZKM - Kunst im Hallenbau, Karlsruhe

Galerie Radicke, Bonn

OAG, Tokyo

»Chic Art Fair«, Galerie Quai Est, Paris

»Manifestamaastricht«, NL - Maastricht Art

Karlsruhe, One-Artist-Show

»Zeitsprung«, Stadtmuseum Hüfingen


Galerie Quai Est, Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris

Art Karlsruhe

UND#4, Karlsruhe


Städtische Galerie »Villa Streccius«, Landau

Galerie Eulenspiegel, Basel Kulturverein

Provisorium, Nürtingen

UND#3, Karlsruhe, »interberlin«


Galerie Muelder Bruns, Heidelberg

»doping confortable«, Artopie, F - Meisenthal

»BLIND GEKOMMEN«, Galerie Heimspiel, Frankf.

»Ooh Margarethe II«, UND#2, Karlsruhe

»Kunstflüge«, Banegaarden, DK - Aabenraa


»TASTKÖRPERCHEN«, »Neuer Kunstraum Karlsr.«

»EXOGAM«, »Elaboratorium«, Karlsruhe

»nord-art«, Schleswig-Holstein

»intershop IV«, Halle/Saale


»BEISTAND«, Kulturkreis Sulzfeld

Kunstpreis Stadt Walldorf, sculpture project with J. Gervé and M-K. Park


»Hautsichten«, Produzenten AG SüdWestDeutschland, Edesheim


»ANFALL«, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe


»double feature - double bind«, Projektraum e.V., Berlin

Künstlerbund BW, annual exhibition, Städtische Galerie, Karlsruhe

Portraitmilieu, Hotel Miramar, Sylt


Ateliereinblicke 2000 – »Unterhalb der Außenhaut«, EnBW AG, Karlsruhe

Brötzinger Art e.V., association for artistic exchange, Pforzheim

release & Kunst, Stuttgart


exhibition (master), Schloss Bruchsal


»Nischentechnik«, AdBK, Karlsruhe

1995 – 2001

during the study with the class of Stephan Balkenhol at Galerie Löhrl, Mönchengladbach;
Kunstforum Seligenstadt;
Galerie Schwind, Frankfurt;
Künstlerhaus Ulm;
Kunstverein Kronach;
Kunstverein Aalen